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I like all the variety you gave, I think it's always worth doing as many alts as possible even if it is a lil extra work lol. Your painterly style has improved immensely, especially around the abdomen area. I would just say try being more free flowing with the shapes, kinda like a more relaxed approach instead of hard angles and line deviations. Softer black lines or lighter colored lines might also be great. Good work man

Namenloose responds:

Thank you so much, Arzo! Definitely, alts are a ton of fun for variety's sake but they can be a bit time consuming when running on a clock. I'll try my best with more organic and flowy line shapes. Suppose that contradicts how I'm wired to render the lines, so if the time allows I'll definitely see how I can make them more cohesive. Slacked on the colored lines here, but will make sure to do so more frequently.

I think your doodle style is really charming for this kinda stuff, quick n' all. Though, I'd love to see you try one full detail one, maybe some shadows and a background, kinda like your Ramlethal piece. But, I get if you'd rather keep these on the low down

Bacun responds:

I def understand that sentiment, I've been wanting to make something more finished for a while but I've only had the motivation to do doodles n stuff. As far as nsfw goes, I don't really like spending too much time on them lol, much more of just a fun lil thing to do when I'm bored to pass the time. If I have an idea that I like enough to flesh out "in the flesh" then I def would try something like it.

Hoddamn that's some expressive anatomy, love the highlights too. Nice work

cashumeru responds:

it was a fun pose to work with, and thank you i actually enjoyed how the highlights n colors popped :)

Nice job on Caroline's mom, pretty close to 2d for a 3d style. I think some shading woulda added some additional noise to the top pick. Also add some tags so people can find this pic more often

CayFettArt responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I should’ve spent a little more time on it with some shading. This one started as a warm up haha

Damn, nice work. Lotta flair in this.

Simon444 responds:

Thanks a lot. I just tried really hard.

This is adorable, I like your style. Definitely consider stickers at some point.

arkoirisangel responds:

Thank you Arzo!! I've definitely been considering it :D Just trying to figure out what to do for my first sticker ^^

Damn this is really cute. I like the pencil lines you used, this looks very true to capcom style art.

ookiyo responds:

thank u!

Damn this is impressive! especially for using Krita, which up till now I didn't think was possible to animate in. It does resemble a slow cook, especially when she starts to slow down. I like the animation and design. You shouldn't be afraid to post these types of things, the way I see it if someone doesn't like the thing you post, are they really fans worth having? I'd rather be comfortable posting whatever and having full support as opposed to constantly looking over my shoulder. But that's just me.
Good work man.

CapyDiem responds:

Krita has been my animation tool of choice for the past 2 years or so! I def recommend it for short looping animations.

And yeah maybe I shouldn't worry too much about posting art. I just fear about being seen as a "wild card" sometimes, causing my audience to not know what to expect from me every time I post. I feel like content consistency is good, but maybe that's a dumb thing to worry about?

Thanks btw! I wasn't expecting much support for this piece so I appreciate your comment

but what about poo p?

BombsAhoy responds:

We don't talk about that.

I love the colors in this

saramttosaram responds:

I'm happy you liked them, thank you!~^^

We got this man! We got this by the ass!

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