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Stunning work so far, I can't wait to see the finished thing. Of course, take the time you need to make it, but damn man. I also really admire the tribute to the original Hellboy comics style, if that was what you're going for, if not still looks great nonetheless. Cheers.

DenXVII responds:

Thanks ! ^_^
I didn't intend to make a tribute to Hellboy but I guess it shows that I'm a big fan of Mignola's work ! XD
In fact, one of my references for this project is Soul Taker wich heavily mixes anime with Mignola influences.

I liked it, it was a bit short, but I thought overall the variety of animations was cool. reminded of the old days on this site. Great work, hope I can make something similar one day.

Chelodoy responds:

Thank you : )

This was sweet and finally something refreshing from the norm here. Also your last name is Maddox and that's pretty cool.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Glad you like the movie and my name!

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I get it now...no matter how hard I try to make it as an artist I'll always end up broke, sad, and killing myself.
It's pretty to look at though, I like the 80s theme.

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Yo, what was the sample? kick ass btw.

teddygram responds:

Thanks! It's "Peter and John" by Andrew Wartts & the Gospel Storytellers

Yo, I loved this, this is what I want to hear when I click on olskool.

Gansh responds:

That's what you'll hear if you click on my tracks :)
Very glad you liked this one! <3

Not much else I can add from the other reviews, keep it up man.

HeIsAlive responds:

Thanks man. :)

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easily one of your best works so far.

AfroNinja360 responds:

aw thanks dude!

spectacular work! the lighting, composition, everything's phenomenal.

Welcome aboard, cant wait to see more.

We got this man! We got this by the ass! Follow me on my on my other stuff below:



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