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It was aight.

Very nice job, loved the art style looks clean af. Good audio and voices too. Hyped to see more.

Stradomyre responds:

cheers man glad you liked it! 🤠🍻

Nice job with the stop motion, I liked the horror angle too. Reminds me of Lee Hardcastle stuff. The percocet monster was fuckin funny

8bitmarbles responds:

Thank You! A loved yours too! You did an amazing job with the logos and art direction, it really complimented the characters and their animation.

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Nice, I can't believe I missed this. Really fun mechanic, and I like the challenge. Hot chicken girl lol.

damn! this game is charming and cute. Really fun control and a good ost to boot.

Now this I like. Fun simple retro throwback. I like these kinda platformers with fall damage and climbing in em. I also like seeing my character fall unimaginable heights to hit his untimely demise. Nice one folks

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Damn I loved the album, my personal favorite was got milk? for the ol skool hip hop influence but it was all good with a ton of genres that fit together. The last song felt like an opening to a 90s movie or something. Please lemme play this on stream some time..

milkypossum responds:

I had sooo much fun with got milk! And of course you can play it on stream! <3

Yo nice stuff, I like the deep bass in this and the general fuzz.

Edit: You know what I take back the 4, I can't really think of an improvement lol. I was thinking it could use a solo, but it's a slow paced alternative rock song, doesn't really need one. Plus the breakdown at the end serves as a nice change of pace. So, cheers! (I mean it's been on repeat while I work for mg music so been on my mind)

LexRodent responds:

Thanks mate ; One more is coming next week.

Nigga the feature list on this all over the place and the rhymes are bringing me back to sesame street. The beat on deck tho, chris chan got bars. Get it, bars...because he's behind ba-

ninjamuffin99 responds:

yeezy yeezy whats good

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Very hot Leela, hard to stylize her in a cute way. I would only suggest making her nipple a bit darker red or pink, but other than that great job.

ay front page! Office marina deserves the attention.

Liz and marcy is a cute ship :> for real tho, love the shading on it

We got this man! We got this by the ass!

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