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Stunning work so far, I can't wait to see the finished thing. Of course, take the time you need to make it, but damn man. I also really admire the tribute to the original Hellboy comics style, if that was what you're going for, if not still looks great nonetheless. Cheers.

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DenXVII responds:

Thanks ! ^_^
I didn't intend to make a tribute to Hellboy but I guess it shows that I'm a big fan of Mignola's work ! XD
In fact, one of my references for this project is Soul Taker wich heavily mixes anime with Mignola influences.

I liked it, it was a bit short, but I thought overall the variety of animations was cool. reminded of the old days on this site. Great work, hope I can make something similar one day.

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malabilabuu responds:

Thank you : )

The animation in this was really fluid and free flowing, good job on it all.

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I get it now...no matter how hard I try to make it as an artist I'll always end up broke, sad, and killing myself.
It's pretty to look at though, I like the 80s theme.

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Yo, what was the sample? kick ass btw.

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teddygram responds:

Thanks! It's "Peter and John" by Andrew Wartts & the Gospel Storytellers

Yo, I loved this, this is what I want to hear when I click on olskool.

Gansh responds:

That's what you'll hear if you click on my tracks :)
Very glad you liked this one! <3

Not much else I can add from the other reviews, keep it up man.

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HeIsAlive responds:

Thanks man. :)

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Colors are great, everything glows. The 3 dimensional effect is also apparent. Good job.

Very cute! I like her slim figure, and I love your shading/coloring style.

colors blend nicely and the perspective is on point, great job.

MatthewLopz responds:

aye thanks man

We got this man! We got this by the ass!

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