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damn Fu, this looks great. The coloring and shading are on point, keep it up.

FuShark responds:

Thank thank you! I will try my best!

This is a great piece, I love the composition and the color, water effect looks great too. Though, it might be a good idea to downsize your work when you export the final product because right now it's 8000 by 3000 and that can take a while to load, it's also huge when you open up. All the best, cheers.

SouredApple responds:

Thanks for the feedback, you're right a 40 meg png is a little excessive. I wasn't aware when i uploaded so it's now compressed into a jpeg with the same dimensions.

Absolutely stunning, I hope you do the girls as well. :) (Also, for some reason, I'm not seeing the last two images. Could be the file type or my browser)

BleedingPervert responds:

Thank you very much! If I had the extra time I would of loved to of contributed a sister illustration of the Persona 3 ladies as well. Pink/yellow would of been the color palette. Alas, I don't think I'll be able to do so with my current projects and now that the Zine has already been published. I will, however, draw fanart here and there of random Persona 3 characters since I really do admire this installment of the Persona games the most.
(the images were broken, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have reuploaded them and they should show up now)

This is dope dude, I love the different styles in this. (Also, what collab and are they still accepting entrants?)

Figburn responds:

Yeah they're still accepting people! There's more info in this tweet: https://twitter.com/hotelmariohd/status/1089323147558572032?s=21

your style's getting a lot better! I hope you keep animating, it helps with art block since it takes so long at times trying to finish one thing, but you don't have to come up with anything new.

sailormika responds:

thank you so much!!! yeah that's true, animating does help a lot! i'm gonna try to make some more stuff ^^

easily one of your best works so far.

AfroNinja360 responds:

aw thanks dude!

Fuck the zero bombers. good work man

Jerny responds:

oh wow haha, didnt even realize it'd been zero'd, rough

thanks for your support!

Nice work man, I love Venom's face in this, nailed the suit too. I think it would've looked cooler if you added some droopy, melted liquid, kind of effect to Venom's suit, but overall good work.

Wildblur responds:

I would've done that actually. But I was feeling a little worn out

You should more stuff like this, the figures are really expressive and the linework has good weight to it. Although, the one where Tuki is hanging upside down, her breasts should also be hanging due to gravity. Other than that, excited to see what's to come.

CumminHam responds:

I want to but its always something xD i always hit a wall with anything that isnt a model sheet.(just need more practice)

And yeah i have trouble drawing breasts at the best of times, ya add gravity to the equation and im like. Fuck!.
XD but yeah, always studying always practicing and always improveing.

Thanks for the feed back! Always appreciated!

I don't know why this is reviewed average or got no views. This is a nice piece, keep going.

myugi-chan responds:

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement <3 I really like your art btw!

We got this man! We got this by the ass!

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