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You know what else is good in 4, wedding dress Meryl.

JustRube responds:

her ARMS in that

Super cute and expressive

MKMaffo responds:

Woah thanks dude!

cute and ambient, I like the dead plant in the background. I also like the blue and orange contrast. I think her lines of her leg should connect tho EDIT: ohh i see the bar now, lol my bad

MKMaffo responds:

I think i get what you meant but they are connected! they are behind one of the bars and its well lit too just as the legs so it looks like they just stop ahahah
And hey thanks!!!

this by far the best gengar sprite iteration, the animation you added gives it a lot more spirit to the original. I love this sprite, good job. II'll never get why they made gengar look less scary as they went on.

gatekid3 responds:

thank you. and yeah, definitely him at his scariest

This was cool, happy 10 years and congrats on the progress you made. Now make those cute cartoon ladies!

AfroNinja360 responds:

yes sir!

She's definitely my favorite of the two, love the neon colors but I think the shadow could be more saturated/ darker. Nice work Fu

(where the glasses yo)

FuShark responds:

Thanks dude!

I get what you mean on the shadows but I'm happy with how it is. Thanks for the input. Also I totally forgot about her glasses lol. Will update!

Great job with the perspective! I think the anatomy of her right leg should be flipped towards her body like her left leg. Other then some other anatomy things, color and composition is a step in the right direction. Nice work

Namenloose responds:

Thank you so much! This means a lot!
I've been trying my best to improve in all these areas. It's true, there's some parts of anatomy that I still find extremely difficult. But hopefully soon I can start studying the body again.

I'd like to imagine you skip around like this alone in your home or something, funny stuff Luis.

Luis responds:

When my roommates aren’t around sure!

Possibly the most overwhelming upload on this site to date! I just couldn't escape it...
Over again I thought to myself, wow, this is good. But what if I didn't make that clear enough?
Overall, I thought my last review was filled with the ramblings of a mad man, and run ons.
Preferably, this review will come out clearer and I hope I didn't frighten you as this does.
Of course, I mean frightened out of awe! To put it bluntly, as I have, take solace as this is an
P.S. I truly mean no harm, continue with your passion.

AlexPriceAnim responds:

Thank you!

This is so awesome, almost feels like in game concept art or something, no joke. Great job!

ndasfw responds:

Oh gosh, thanks so much. Capcom's design staff is my biggest inspiration, so this is like, the biggest compliment I could receive!

We got this man! We got this by the ass!

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