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Call the boston Police Department

Very cute Lio, love the colors. Lio embarrassed and covering his nips make me lol

Damn this is impressive! especially for using Krita, which up till now I didn't think was possible to animate in. It does resemble a slow cook, especially when she starts to slow down. I like the animation and design. You shouldn't be afraid to post these types of things, the way I see it if someone doesn't like the thing you post, are they really fans worth having? I'd rather be comfortable posting whatever and having full support as opposed to constantly looking over my shoulder. But that's just me.
Good work man.

CapyDiem responds:

Krita has been my animation tool of choice for the past 2 years or so! I def recommend it for short looping animations.

And yeah maybe I shouldn't worry too much about posting art. I just fear about being seen as a "wild card" sometimes, causing my audience to not know what to expect from me every time I post. I feel like content consistency is good, but maybe that's a dumb thing to worry about?

Thanks btw! I wasn't expecting much support for this piece so I appreciate your comment

Man this is really fucking good. I love all the colors and the rendering. Great shapes on her shoes and her anchor.

but what about poo p?

BombsAhoy responds:

We don't talk about that.

I love the colors in this

saramttosaram responds:

I'm happy you liked them, thank you!~^^

Linette is too cute man, sassy but caring.

Love the cute art style and emotes.

Really nice Heather, I like the sketchy design on the lines and the colored pencil style. 3's my favorite of the series, a lot of people jumpt to 2. But for some reason 3 always felt the scarriest and whackiest to me.

toonzes responds:

1 and 2 are still absolutely fantastic, but 3 is def my favorite too, it's shorter but *really* dense, feels like that's where they mastered the style of the series

The circle of life

We got this man! We got this by the ass!

Here and there

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