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Eh, Ima be real

Visually, I thought the art and animation were good. You guys established a lot of good shots and tried a ton of different styles. Personally, I thought the animation slacked at the less action oriented moments but that's understandable. I wasn't much for the story. Just felt like it was digging up too many anime tropes with the typical characters you see. World wise I didn't see much established that hooked me in to care, or what the main characters did to affect it. Overall, you guys did a good job and that's commendable, I just didn't pick out anything too distinctive. Keep in mind, I'm comparing this with other 10 minute plus animations out there which deserves a merit of respect.

lmao ngl the best part was the random part where he pisses his pants. I honestly thought that was gonna be your production outro. Good stuff.

Edit: that's gold lol

FrankyWish responds:

hahah that is my production outro!! the piss says FW (franky wish)

Im not a huge fan of the art style but I think it fits for this kinda stuff. Summarizing the plot like that was pretty funny, and the voices added a lot of character. I'm not sure why people are arguing over 'animation standards' when shit like 12 oz mouse gets made on tv and newgrounds has a whole series of tweened shapes. If your script is good and its aim is to be funny then THERE YA GO.

This felt as long as the actual show running for 12 fucking seasons. BARZOOPLE!

I love your animation style, all the sharp edges and pose-to-pose stuff that went out of popularity needs to come back. Also loved the effects and creepy atmosphere, hope to see more world building with this.

MarcoCardenas responds:

Thanks dude!

Lol, cute animation, nice ending.

The animation needs some work, but theres a lot of potential here. You kept the pacing good by constantly throwing a joke or visual gag often. I'd just say work on animating, planning out an animatic, and sticking with it. Keep workin at it.

I remember watching your birthday 22, now I'm around that. Time fuckin flies.

Pretty sweet dude

This was more like a pico day collab. Sweet job everyone

We got this man! We got this by the ass!

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