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Yo nice stuff, I like the deep bass in this and the general fuzz.

Edit: You know what I take back the 4, I can't really think of an improvement lol. I was thinking it could use a solo, but it's a slow paced alternative rock song, doesn't really need one. Plus the breakdown at the end serves as a nice change of pace. So, cheers! (I mean it's been on repeat while I work for mg music so been on my mind)

LexRodent responds:

Thanks mate ; One more is coming next week.

Nigga the feature list on this all over the place and the rhymes are bringing me back to sesame street. The beat on deck tho, chris chan got bars. Get it, bars...because he's behind ba-

ninjamuffin99 responds:

yeezy yeezy whats good

I agree with this

Catchy ass beat, I like the vocals on it too. Getting a lot of glitchy imagry ideas from this. Good work

avant garde

I didn't listen to this till now and it made me laugh to hear how people react to my toon, still funny to this day. All I gotta say, I guess I'm desensitized cuz I thought mine was tame lol. It was funny when I got Snackers and Carmet to help on my toon, they did great work even though I could not tell them or show them any 18 plus stuff.

I've been waiting for you to upload this song since release, thanks!

Ockeroid responds:

Thanks for waiting :) Sorry for the 4 year delay!

My love jamz

Metal af fucking blast this shit loud and proud

I didn't know you sang dude, nice melody. My favorite song here was shrink, for it's creepy dark beat. Maybe it's cuz I've been marathoning Regular Show while I work, but a lot of the songs reminded me of there songs too. This is def a good start, so make more tunes. My only critique is the singing can get kinda corny lol. cheers dude.

spicybagel responds:

Thanks dude! Definitely tried for an 80's-ish sound, especially on Shrink.
Will keep at it 🙏

We got this man! We got this by the ass!

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