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Ashes to Ashes

Posted by Arzonaut - November 4th, 2020


It has been about 2 weeks since the incident, and I thought I'd give an update explaining the situation up to now. For those who don't know, my family home had burned down and I had to go to recuperate. The fire had taken away most of our possessions, valuables, and family memorabilia.

Where it started


That day, I was the first one to respond. I had to wait until the fire department secured the area and made it "safe" for me to go in and save anything that was salvageable. By the time I was allowed in, and done answering questions, it was dark. From the wreckage, I was only able to save my hard drives, my tablet, and my jacket. When I had found a place to stay for the night, I realized my skin was stained black, my clothes dirty; as if I was a coal miner.

Thankfully, through the help of friends and family. We were able to find a temporary place to stay in a neighbors garage. I had also set up donation pages and was surprised to see the amount of people that came to help. Though I was homeless, I was not alone.

After days of cleaning out the house of what remained of the kitchen and living room, we had filled dumpsters full of charred furniture and debris. Anything that appeared fine was covered in soot, and had to be cleaned. The smell stayed for days, and every time I went to clean I got dirty all over again. Once we had cleared the house, we left to let professionals take over. I went to visit a friend of mine.

To my surprise, my friends had pulled together to help me tremendously. My computer had been destroyed to a beam of wood that fell over on top. My friends built me a new computer and gave me their blessing. I tested out the tablet and with divine intervention, it worked.

With friends like these


Fire Proof


It felt like forever, but finally progress was made towards repairs. I found a place for myself, and for the time being it seems I can finally get back to work. Unlike before, I don't have any binds holding me back. I haven't gone into full detail, but remember I'm only updating my side of things as I'm sure my family would like to keep their matters private. But, rest assured, they are ok as well.

Soon, I will set up a commission page and start to overhaul my platforms with updated info on how to commission me. I am excited to finally start creating again after a travesty like this, which could have been far worse. I would also like to launch a site to host my portfolio, so people have access to my gallery and animations. Possibly, I will look for other opportunities in the freelance market. On the side, I've picked up part time employment as well, just to make ends meet.

I have nothing now, the very bottom. There's only up from here, and I'll win it all back

Thank you to everyone who donated, supported me, spread the word, and gave their condolences. I truly mean that. Braving this dark tunnel would not have been possible without you guys.

Dust to Dust..


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Comments (7)

Godspeed and bless you, miracle of humanity (many would and probably do envy your will)

Holy shit, had no idea this had happen. Glad you're okay and your moving forward. Kick ass dude.

Wish you the best dude

Best wishes! Glad you were at least able to recover some of your things! You and your family will recover from this!

I admire your spirit, best of luck man! Glad you and your family are safe, things can get replaced, good people not...

glad to see you're starting to recover. besta luck moving forward, ride on!

That is sad, at least you had followers who cares about you...