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End of Year Update

Posted by Arzonaut - December 18th, 2019

Hey guys, it's been a long while since I've posted any updates or progress on my where abouts.

This year didn't really pan out as I had hoped, I had to scrap a lot of animation projects intermittently, and my art slowed down a lot as a whole. Not to go into detail about my personal shit but the jist is I had to sacrifice a lot of my time for work and school. It's a cliche excuse but that's what happened. I thought I could manage doing it all but I guess it became way to much of a burden. Especially with moving out of my house and starting a new school, I needed to find work fast and work a lot of overtime just to pay rent.

What really sucked is I lost a lot of drive I had to do my art in general because of everything that was changing, I hadn't even posted anything for the month of November because I just didn't work on any pieces to the finish. I was wiped and the more time passed the more bummed I got I wasn't doing anything. Don't get the wrong idea, I don't want this to sound sappy and I hate throwing around art blocks or depression. I just got into some shit and I didn't handle it well, that's that.

However, I can say that even though this past year hasn't been the best, looking back at the decade as a whole I'm glad to say I made a lot of strides that I'm proud of today. I got a decent following on here, my art improved tremendously since I started drawing digitally all those years ago, and I finally broke out my shell and put out a cartoon. Not just any cartoon, but an entree for the Newgrounds Smash Collab, something I only dreamed about since watching the street fighter collab and the metal gear collab. I worked with a lot of cool people and helped put out some stuff I never thought I'd even work on.

That's about it, I don't have any plans as of yet for the future and I don't think making empty promises is the wise thing to do anymore. But, I don't plan on giving up yet. I still have a whole lot of projects I wanna do someday and I believe I'm at a place now where I can find the time and drive to work on them. Thanks for giving the time to read my essay of heck.

Until next time, Arzo'

(Special thanks to all my friends I've made on here and elsewhere, you guys really pushed me to keep on keeping on.)



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Godspeed man, these things happen to the best of us. You gotta find ways to express yourself in short bursts, like random doodles in small breaks, or try to look for sources of inspiration by observing the world around or listen to music, which is where I get mine. Looking forward to what's ahead and good luck!

Hope for the best!