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Comments (9)

what a trip dude, I'd like to believe that if you survived all this, good things will be comin your way. we'll always have your back on here

Thanks bro, with hard work any one of us will make it.

It still haunts me it could happen to anyone, anytime. I could relate to some of the things you wrote.
Not much on an English speaker so I can't express encouraging words.

Gotta try to prepare for anything, but i get your sentiment.

This is such a weirdly hopeful and just amazing story to hear and crazy to think you lived through it, hope all is well!

People survive far worse, just thankful for good company.

hot damn, that was quite the journey :0

Glad to see you active again, all the best to you and your family. It's been a bad year for most folks I know, but losing everything in a fire mid-pandemic sounds impossibly difficult. Hope it's not weird to say that I really connected with the part about the soul crushing 9-5, especially being part of that commuter mass squeezing past the mutilated corpses of our working class neighbors on the highway. Bleak shit! However, I believe getting through all this means you've earned many better days ahead, so keep on making art!

The 9 to 5 is about as boring as they make it out to be. Even though I only hacked a couple months of it, those that do it for years I feel for. I mean, if you got real obligations like a kid and family, you're trapped.

You came out a stronger person. I wish nothing more than the best for you and your family. Very inspiring. Up and up dude.

Hell yea man, I'm really happy for ya!!

Damn man that's enough to put hair on anyone's chest, I respect you greatly for sticking it out and adjusting for the time you had. This was such a touching read and I'm insanely happy for you.

Sorry about the house but i'm happy to hear how your making ends meet, its truly impressive and inspiring. I wish I knew a better way to help but out but I'm glad to hear you're doing mostly alright.